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Xoltec shaman



ST 6   WP 3   Ref 5
AG 5   Wit 5   Aim  4
TO 5   MA 4   KD 5
EN 4   Soc 3   KO 6
HT 4   Per 4   Move 7
Combat Proficiency: Polearm 8 (tepoztopilli), Spear/Javelin 8 (atlatl), Dagger 7

Skills: Native Language 7

Hunting 7

Survival 7

Orienteering 7

Sailing 8

Navigation 10

Gambling 8

Climbing 9

Boating 8

Swimming 7

Intimidate 9

Tracking 10

Ridicule 10

Scrounging 8

Persuasion 9

Animal Guise 9

Herbalist 10

Orienteering 8

Sneak 10

Camouflage 9

Climbing 10

Weather Sense 9

Spiritual Attributes:

Passion 1:  to follow the will of the gods

Drive:  to help her people regain their honor

Faith 2:  particularly reveres Itzli (hunting, wild things) and Chotl (glory in battle)

Destiny 1:  to destroy her people and earn their gratitude

Conscience 1:


Gifts: Chosen of the Gods (major)

Flaws:  bad temper (minor)


In Xoltec culture, the gods have a more intimate connection with a small number of families.  A child in the family, usually the first born, will be called at an early age with visions that lead the child into the wilderness to meet the animal that represents the god that called him.  If he survives the encounter, he begins training to become a shaman.  Yaretzi, however, was not the first born of her family, nor even of a family that was known to be god-touched.  Nonetheless, at the age of 6, the goddess Iztli began sending her visions of game, alerting her family to places and times when it was best to hunt.  She snuck out of her tent before dawn and encountered a smilodon in the forest north of the village, which circled her three times, but did not attack.  This led her to be consulted by the women on the best times and places to hunt, although she is not considered a shaman. 


Like all the women of her people, Yaretzi was trained in battle, so that she could protect the village from raids and hunt large game when the menfolk were out  fishing or raiding, as they often were.  Her tall stature and long reach lent itself well to the tepoztopilli, which she wielded with great ferocity.  However, in the past two years, Yaretzi has begun to have visions of sea voyages and raiding, and was once able to prevent a raiding party from going down in a storm by convincing her cousin, the captain, to heed the gods' warning.  She has gradually begun going on more and more raids; unusual, but not unheard of, for women if they are fine warriors or have some other skill to contribute to the venture.  More recently, she has received no visions of hunting or game, but only of war, violence and death--it seems that Itzli has abandoned her and another, fiercer, god speaks to her now.  She knows not who this god might be, though she guesses it may be Chotl or Chalaxi.  Yaretzi is greatly driven to serve the gods, and is respected for that, but it remains to be seen where this will take her.


(played by Val)

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