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Geography:  The Xoltec homeland, Xotl (SHOW-tl), lies far to the north of the Khorosian Empire, having become attainable by sailing technology only within the last few decades. In their homeland, most of their cities are located by the sea, with smaller settlements located inland, within vast forests.

In Hope's End, the recent influx of Xoltec inhabitants has been concentrated in the town of Quenotzin, which was until recently a Fengzhi-dominated settlement called San-zu-tep. Quenotzin is the new "capital" of the Xoltec resistance.

Religion:  Xotl is a dry, cold land, inhospitable to agriculture and unwelcome to most life.  Boreal forests dominate the frigid mainland, while frequent storms rack the coast and prevent extended fishing trips.  For that reason, Xoltec religion is harsh and pessimistic.  Most Xoltec gods, particularly those that provide the comforts of life, such as food and children, demand some form of blood sacrifice to ensure their cooperation.  Although most Xoltecs are highly religious, direct communication with the gods is usually limited to a village or clan shaman, who conducts sacrifices and other rituals such as the sanctification of a new leader, the blessing of a marital union, or the "breaching" of a new ship (the ritual of launching a new vessel portrays the act akin to childbirth). 

Politics/Military: A strong hierarchy of nobles pervades Xoltec society, who form the basis of the Knighthoods: elite organizations which command the rank-and-file military forces. Outside this structure, but also afforded considerable power and influence, is the priesthood, ostensibly subject to the nobility but able to move public opinion to their own ends.

There are only a few priests on Hope's End, and the usual pecking order has been disrupted in that few nobles arrive in Oraxabad unscathed. In the political vacuum, Teochan has proclaimed himself King-in-the-West, and his authority has thus far not been challenged by his countrymen.

There are three orders of knighthood, which have been preserved in the colony, albeit in very small numbers: Megalodon Knights, Smilodon Knights, and Condor Knights.

Xoltec warriors are known to employ poisoned weapons; Xoltec of the properties of plants and pharmacology are second to none. Their metalworking skills are limited, however, meaning most weapons are wooden, with obsidian chips embedded within and employed as a cutting edge.  Typical Xoltec armaments (based on Aztec warfare) include:

Heavy armor is unknown to the Xoltecs, with padded or leather armor at most used in conjunction with a shield.

Legal System: forthcoming

Economics:  The Xoltecs are preeminent seafarers, having had a long history of raiding and pillaging nearby tribes by sea, particularly when harvests were poor. As exceptional seafarers and shipbuilders, a great many Xoltecs fish, and some of their number work as whalers and hunters of some of the great beasts which prowl the seas. Besides being a source of food, this results in a large number of artifacts which are made of bone or ivory.  Inland forests provide amber, which is often used as decoration by both men and women.

Subsistence farming and hunting remains the backbone of Xoltec life. They make little use of domesticated animals. Taking what else is needed from the weak is more typical than trade.

Inhabitants/Culture: The Xoltecs are poorly organized in individual clans that occasionally raid each other. They have an in-depth knowledge of astronomy, which is an integral part of their religion, and aids greatly in their navigation skills. They have good survival skills, and travel primarily by foot in their homeland, along small footpaths. They have mastered leatherworking and the use of colorful dyes in clothwork.

A fermented drink called octli is popular, and apparently has been successfully imported into the colony.

Places of Note: Quenotzin is the seat of Xoltec rule in Hope's End.



Player Bonuses: +1 HT and +1 EN due to surviving the rigors of their land and lifestyle. -1 MA due to being more 'primitive' culture and level of technology. -1 Soc. and Bad Reputation (minor) due to their nature as raiders and the reputation thereof (maybe on Hopes End they aren't though of this and this could change). All Xoltec are trained in (Boating and Navigation or Hunting and Orienteering?). Lastly +1 Proficiency point due to their raiding/warring-most are trained from an early age.

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