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Xoltec Pantheon

Page history last edited by Patrick Murphy 10 years, 7 months ago

There are hundreds of Xoltec gods and goddesses; virtually every aspect of Xoltec life is represented by a deity.  The ones most commonly called upon in everyday life are


Azita:  goddess of strife and troublemaking

Chalaxi:  goddess of treasure, slaves, and wealth--especially if taken from another

Chotl:  god of glory in battle

Cihuaca:  god of gambling and fate

Choconua:  god of the sea

Chixata:  goddess of the sea; his wife

Heconua:  the children of Choconua and Chixata; monsters of the sea

Huixo:  god of bones, teeth, music and rattles

Ehelo:  god of speech, persuasion and loyalty

Ulaca:  goddess of sorcery, deception, cheating and lies; Ehelo's eternal enemy

Uchazi:  goddess of summer and the sun; flees from Unaga quickly every year

Unaga:  god of winter and ice; Uchazi's unrequited lover

Luaxi:  god of fire

Cholibo:  god of hurricanes

Oratl:  goddess of the coast

Iztli:  goddess of the forest, hunting and wild things

Itzora:  god of mist, fog, vanity and fame

Ixaba:  god of pestilence, mystery and confusion

Llamatli:  goddess of soil, rock and death

Maculi:  god of excess

Opachti:  god of travelers and speed

Tzalo:  god of the underworld and sacrifices

Tonitua:  goddess of childbirth and beginnings

Xilona:  goddess of the harvest and the elderly

Yamati:  god of wisdom, restraint and learning

Quetzi:  god of the wind and sailing


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