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Much of the wildlife found throughout the world are identical to those found during Earth’s Pleistocene Age, particularly prehistoric mammals. A notable exception is the lack of any (known) horses, with large flightless birds (moas) and brantas (brontotheriums) serving as mounts and pack animals in their stead.


Other creatures, such as fish, lizards, amphibians, and insects are found in great numbers.  The more significant creatures are listed below.


Known Creatures of the World

Creature Common Name Descriptor Habitat Region
Aiolornis condor giant condor with a 17-foot wingspan    
Ancient Bison bison      
Andrewsarchus   heavily-built, wolf-like, hoofed mammal    
Arsinoitherium   rhino-like creatures with dual horns forests and swamp edges  
Aurochs aurochs large, wild cattle    
Basilosaurus   long, carnivrous whale ocean  
Brontotherium bronto rhinoceros-like browsers related to horses    
Cave Bear cave bear   low mountainous areas  
Cave Lion cave lion   widespread but favor conifer forests and grasslands  
Chalicotherium chalico odd looking herbivore with long clawed forelimbs and stouter weight bearing hindlimbs open forest, woodlands, and grasslands  
Diprotodon giant wombat giant wombat open forest, woodlands, and grasslands  
Dire Wolf wolf   almost anywhere   
Entelodont boar "Terminator Pigs" forests  
Eurypterid sea scorpion 1-8 foot arthropods warm shallow waters  
Giant Vampire Bat vampire bat      
Glyptodon   armor-plated herbivores with club tails woodlands and grasslands  
Hyaenodon hyena giant hyenas almost anywhere  
Hyracotherium   very small hoofed herbivores    
Macrauchenia llama "long llama," long-necked and long-limbed, three-toed hoofed herbivore grasslands  
Mastadon mastadon   forests and warmer lowlands  
Megalania   giant monitor lizard    
Megaloceros elk giant deer; Irish Elk    
Megalodon   60-foot long sharks ocean  
Megatherium ground sloth elephant-sized ground sloths lightly-wooded areas  
Moa moa large flightless bird, used as mounts    
Moeritherium   pig-like, resembles pygmy hippopotamus wallows in swamps and rivers  
Ornimegalonyx   giant, long-legged, nearly-flightless owls    
Purgatorius   squirrel-like proto-primate    
Sivatherium   short-necked giraffe savannahs  
Smilodon sabre-tooth tiger sabre-tooth tiger    
Squalodon   shark-toothed dolphin ocean  
Synthetoceras   deer-like creatures; males have Y-shaped horn on snout    
Trilophosuchus   "drop crocs," crocodiles that drop from trees onto prey    
Woolly Mammoth woolly mammoth   tundra through steppe  
Woolly Rhinoceros woolly rhinoceros      


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"Common Name" is an attempt to provide something easier to say/remember than the creature's actual name, and perhaps the characters might call the beast as well.

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