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The Monastery of the Seven Harmonious Winds

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The Path of Seven Harmonious Winds



Although not primarily a weapon school, those who take up the life of a monk at the Monastery of Seven Harmonious Winds are exposed to a great deal of martial training, tied to their spiritual enrichment. As weapons have been outlawed by the Empire, particular emphasis is placed on unarmed combat, or combat using improvised weapons. The followers of this school are expected to abide by the tenets of the Path's philosophy, and failure to do so will result in great shame for the offender, as well as an obligation by other followers to hunt him down to face judgement.


The Path's philosophy is complicated (some would say convoluted) but some features include: 

  • Defend the defenseless. Those who are unable to defend themselves must be protected. This can be done in the form of legal counsel or in combat.
  • Lead by example. The Path is available to all who would walk it, but others must come to know it through their own need.  Educate, but do not preach.  Earn respect, gain trust, and know honor in your role as an exemplar.
  • Live in harmony with all things. The natural order is as it should be, but is not in equilibrium. Change and struggle are the norm.
  • Names must be in harmony with nature.  Rulers who rule unjustly are no longer rulers and must be dethroned; evil in the guise of good must be destroyed in the name of truth.
  • Oppose tyranny and evil. An extension of defense for the defenseless, and the harmony of names and essential natures.
  • Be loyal to your family, friends, and faith.  Loyalty brings honor to both the follower and those to whom they demonstrate their loyalty.
  • Ritual brings order to life, and from order comes tranquility. From tranquility comes clear thought, and correct choices.
  • When challenged, overcome obstacles, and seek compromise. Struggle enobles the spirit, and to find a lasting peace, reconcile opposites to find a middle ground, combining the best of both extremes.

Enrollment Requirements: Acceptance is at a very early age - typically less than 10 - and members live away from their families until their training is complete, at least late in their teens. To complete the training, monks must have the Faith: Follow the Path of the Seven Harmonious Winds Spiritual Attribute.

Primary Focus: Open Hand

Specialization: Open Hand (at +1)

Secondary Focus: Modified Tools (at -1), Thrown Knives (at -2), Pole Arms (at -2), Spear/Javelin (at -2)

Outside Focus: Cut & Thrust, Wrestling (both -3)



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