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The Immortal Khorosian Legion

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The Immortal Khorosian Legion


The ground military forces of the Khorosian Empire are organized as the Immortal Khorosian Legion, although the army as a whole is made up of smaller units themselves designated as Legions.  The troops making up the Legion are of three primary types: Scutos (infantry), Aventes (cavalry), and Flegos (archers).  In addition, the Empire fields numerous other auxiliary forces, including irregulars from client states, but these are not part of the Legion proper.


Each Legion consists of ten cohorts. The cohorts usually consist of 480 Legionaries including six Centurions, who serve as captains. The cohort itself is divided into six centuries of 80 men commanded each by a Centurion. A regular-strength Legion might field approximately 5,000 men, including engineers and cavalry.

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