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Non-Player Characters

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Picture Name Description Culture/Allegiance Location
  Atotoztli Queen-in-the-West Xoltec Quenotzin
Cho Cho Mayor of Tangkou Fengzhi Tangkou
  Diathyria Commander of the garrison Khorosian Oraxabad
  Euseos Governor of the Colony of Kosthos Khorosian Oraxabad
Itzel Itzel Princess of the West Wind Xoltec Quenotzin
  The Learned Master  mysterious, magical hermit  Fengzhi uncertain 


Nuatloc Prince of the West Wind; Smilodon knight Xoltec Quenotzin
 Ollec Nochasson Ollec Nochasson commander of the garrison of Quenotzin; Smilodon knight Xoltec Quenotzin
  Pu the Merchant Tangkou merchant representative Fengzhi Tangkou
 Shedphis Shedphis leader of the Tangkou orax miners Fengzhi Tangkou
  Shikai Mayor Cho's right-hand man, member of The Society Fengzhi Tangkou
 Teochan Teochan King-in-the-West; Condor knight Xoltec Quenotzin
  The God-Emperor The God-Emperor Khorosian Khoros
  Tritarites Treasurer of the Colony of Kosthos Khorosian Oraxabad


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