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Mara Poi

Page history last edited by Patrick Murphy 11 years ago

Mara Poi

(MAH-ruh POY)

Geography:  The Mara Poi are a tribal people who inhabit a number of islands to the east of Hope's End.

Religion: unknown

Politics/Military: unknown

Legal System: unknown

Economics:  unknown

Inhabitants/Culture: Little is known of them, although they are often featured as bogeymen in the tales of the colonists.  They are portrayed as savage headhunters and cannibals.  Their islands are dotted with massive stone heads, the significance of which is unknown. The known tribes of the Mara Poi are recorded as the Ulak, Ilontak, Dayot, and Wappur. The Ilontak have the worst reputation of the bunch, reportedly practicing cannibalism and unspeakable acts of depravity.

Places of Note: unknown

Player Bonuses: TBD


(Note: Inspiration drawn from Easter Island and headhunters.)

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