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Geography:  Dassaga, or the Ashen Plain, lies far from Hope's End. It is a large stretch of land that lies between a ring of volcanoes. The volcanoes are modestly active, taking turns coating the land in dust and ash. Not much vegetation grows in the Ashen Plain, however, at the edges, where the lava cascades from the volcanoes, is another treasure-the metals, minerals, and glass that result. Dassaga is a cold land. Snow falls from mid fall to mid spring. Thankfully due to the volcanic activity in the area, there are a great number of hot springs, volcanic vents, and similar phenomena. Each major settlement has been built around such phenomena, which has helped them immensely in the extreme climate.


Religion: The Dassagan people believe that the world was born in flame and ash, and that flame and ash are the eventual end for all things. Their religion teaches that the ancient magma gods are sleeping deep in the volcanoes, ready to rise up and unleash their destruction. The faith also teaches that the gods created the land, and have provided the plains and the various resources for the people to use. When a volcano erupts in a particularly violent display, it is viewed as the anger of the gods. When this happens, each settlement selects the youngest and eldest and sacrifices them by either placing them in the path of impending lava, or tossing them into a volcano. Why the youngest and oldest are picked? One represents a life near creation, the other represents a life near destruction-a balance if you will. Other practices of the religion are ritual burns to represent the scorching of the magma-or god's touch, coating one's body in ash to receive a blessing, and placing offerings of livestock, fruit, and items manufactured from volcanic resources. The offerings are usually placed in lava, in fires, or into volcanoes during festivals and tournaments.
Politics/Military: There are eight distinct major settlements, each supposedly founded by one of the original sons of the ancient High Dassagan King. Each ‘kingdom’ is ruled by an Ash King, who has taken position first by blood. If there is no one of blood to take the seat, then there is a violent tournament in the caldera of a volcano to find the next King. Each settlement keeps its own military. When men reach age 16 they are tested in combat trials. Those who complete the trials successfully, move on to be trained by the Guardians-the military force of the settlement. Those who fail and survive are placed into crafting positions and harvesting teams. The Guardians are the toughest, best trained men in a kingdom, and are feared and respected by the populace. Their responsibility is to protect the kingdom from other kingdoms, beasts, and other invaders. A king rarely will send his Guardians far from the kingdom, unless another kingdom has declared open war on them. Guardians are the only ones who are usually allowed metal weapons, armor and shields.
Legal System: The legal system involves the Ash King, or one of his Chief Guardians passing judgement on those who have been accused of a crime such as stealing from another villager. Trial is usually by combat. More severe crimes, like murder or stealing from the king carry immediate sentencing-which is either execution by being sacrificed to the volcano, or exile into the Ash Plains.
Economics:  They have harvested the materials from the plains for generations. Over time, their civilization has grown up around this practice. They harvest minerals, metals, glass, and magma touched earth for soil. The Dassagan trade amongst each other, and have opened up trading with other cultures. Kingdoms trade each other for crafted items, weapons, livestock, and what limited crops can be grown. Trade with outside cultures has resulted in livestock and vegetation that isn't native to Dassaga. Dassagans reluctantly trade weapons or armor with outsiders.

Inhabitants/Culture: The Dassagan are the people that live near the Ashen Plain. They have created settlements around the volcanic valley. They are a harddened people. They are stout, sturdy folk. They have dark hair, and fair skin. Their skin is usually coated in ash. Men and women grow out their hair, and braid it with trinkets made from hardened lava. Men grow beards that they do the same with. It is a status symbol for a man to have a long beard with more precious items braided into it. They will wage war with anyone who tries to take their volcanic resources.  Dassagan are superb metal and glassworkers. They have learned from their time near the volcanoes about the properties of heat and metal. They are able to temper strange patterns into the metal, most likely due to qualities introduced into the iron during the molten process. The Dassagans are in a sense making patternwelded steel weapons (this is because of the different grades of iron from the magma, but enough folded together makes strong weapons, however the side-effect is the strange pattern).


Places of Note: The eight 'Kingdoms'. The Volcanoes. The Ashen Plains. In Hope's End, Dassagans have no true settlement of their own. Those on Hope's End have banded together in a small community.

Player Bonuses: Dassagans are a hardy people receiving +1 TO, +1 EN. However, they grow up with a very impatient, xenophobic view and are a bit rough around the edges, giving them a -1 Soc and -1 WP. Dassagans who end up in Hope's End are a rarity. The only reason they are there are because they were too far from their lands and were captured by Khorosians. All Dassagans are adept at surviving harsh environments, therefore receive Survival at their best SR. If they already gain Survival from a skill package, they get it at -1 from the SR.




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Dustfather said

at 1:13 am on Aug 28, 2009

Dassagan’s can be looked at as a mix of Saxon like culture (warlike, native to colder climate) with a touch of cultures like the natives of Indonesia (utilizing volcanic resources, worshipping the volcanoes).

The bonues are subject to scrutiny of course. Compare them to the nations in TROS...I may have overstepped it a bit (seems on par with Gelure though).

Dustfather said

at 5:08 pm on Aug 28, 2009

I changed the Skill benefit to just one skill.

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