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The brontotherium is a large, rhinoceros-like grazer, standing over eight feet tall at the shoulder. They have heavy skulls, long tongues, and wishbone-shaped horns on their snouts, which they use for self-defense.  Herd creatures, many cultures have domesticated them for food or as pack animals, and sometimes they are used for mounts, although their temperament is non suited for a war beast.



ST 15   WP 5   Ref 2
AG 2   Wit 3      
TO 15   MA 2   KD 8
EN 10   Soc 2   KO 17
HT 6   Per 2   Move 13
Combat Proficiency: 3, CP 5

Notes: Brontotheriums can attack by stampeding or by goring with their horns. A charging brontotherium cannot easily change its direction, so any evading foe gains +1 success on its evasion roll. Brontotheriums are too slow to use evasion in battle, but may parry thrusting or bashing attacks from the front with their horns at an activation cost of +2CP.

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